How we help the UK's older people when they feel there is no hope...

AFTAID applies compassion and common sense, ripping away red tape and acting swiftly to improve the lives of elderly people in genuine need. We aim to do this as quickly as possible.

There are many and varied reasons why an application for a grant is made to us because there are so many obstacles to an impoverished, older person. So much that society takes for granted and that are often deemed to be necessities, have become impossible to attain luxuries to those receiving only fixed rate pension.

What will AFTAID provide a grant for?

Nearly anything which is required to take away hardship from the day to day life of an older person. In recent years grants have been made to provide, or help in the purchase of:

Mobility scooters
Walk-in showers
Washing machines

Rise/recliner chair
Tumble Drier
Small Emergency House Repairs
Essential or Emergency House Cleaning

Central Heating Boiler
Video Intercom
Installation of phone line
TFT Magnifier
'Blind' software for PC
Wheelchair powerpack
Wheelchair access ramp
Bath Lift

On this website are several case histories which illustrate just what these mean to those who benefit and you can also read some of the many 'Thank you' messages we receive.

Qualifying for a grant

All the beneficiaries must have disclosed certain key information by completing a very simple and straightforward form available from us (click here for details). We then validate the information and in every instance we aim to do this as quickly as possible.

The basis of every application is that the beneficiary is at least 65 years of age, income must be minimal and savings meagre. We do not offer grant aid for ongoing or retrospective payments nor debt repayment.

AFTAID settles the bill

Another safeguard we use is to settle the grant direct with the supplier of the goods or service it is made for. An additional benefit of this policy is that any supplier can act quickly too as they have the confidence of swift and assured payment.

Real case histories

Prestatyn Pensioner Up and About Again
"I didn't like to make a fuss" said Margaret, who's health problems mean it is particularly essential that she gets a good nights rest. However she had been 'making do' with a child's bed that she had been given. This was so small and totally inadequate that she had fallen out several times.
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Prestatyn Pensioner Up and About Again

"It has been a Godsend!" exclaimed Freda Edgar, 72, about her new Riser/Recliner chair. She lives with her husband in Prestatyn and like many of our older citizens, suffers from generalised arthritis.
Her doctor recommended the purchase of a special Riser/ Recliner chair which would ensure Mrs Edgar had proper support whilst sitting and provide appropriate assistance to ensure she could stand up out of the chair safely.

Full story...

Bromley couple set for
winter with new radiators

With no savings and relying on pensions and disability allowances for daily living, purchasing new radiators was out of the question for the Patersons. They therefore decided to call on the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA), a charity that supports serving and ex-servicemen. Working with SSAFA, AFTAID helped prepare the couple for winter by replacing all the radiators.
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No more uphill struggles
for retired sailor

AFTAID supported the response of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) to Mr Ridley's application by contributing to the purchase of an electric scooter. Within a month, Mr Ridley was up and rolling: "The scooter has definitely changed my life. The climb to the club is no longer a daunting prospect and I'm grateful that I can get on with the things I like and need to do much more freely."
Full story...

Ann gets cooking again with AFTAID's help

Ann, 65, said: "On the very basic pension there is no way I was able to buy a new, or even a second hand, cooker as I have no disposable money at all." She suffers from arthritis and has mobility problems so being able to look after herself and to eat proper meals is vital.
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New lease of life for Paignton community volunteer

82 year old community volunteer and former underground war worker Nancy Hanley is now able to shop for herself and get back to helping others.
A fantastic lady who shows us all how the gift of mobility can help so many more people than the beneficiary alone...
Full story...

Mobile again thanks to support from AFTAID

AFTAID is pleased to have been able to help Doug Kersey become mobile again. The charity contributed towards the cost of an electric scooter after Doug Kersey, who already had crippling arthritis, suffered a stroke. It left him relying on a Zimmer frame to get around the house and his now 63 year old wife, Valerie, to push his wheelchair when they went out.
AFTAID stepped in and now Doug has been to the beach and has taken his dog Tye, out into the garden for the first time in 14 months. .
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Sparkling support for Sheffield pensioner

AFTAID has helped 72 year old pensioner Sheila Roberts maintain her independence by donating a brand new washing machine. Mrs Roberts risked flooding in her home due to a worn-out washing machine. Having lived with arthritis for many years, and on a basic pension, maintaining her house without a washing machine presented a serious challenge.
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Below is one example from our archives, one among thousands of cases we have dealt with across more than 30 years:

John Knight appealed direct to Aid For The Aged In Distress on behalf of his mother.

For many years, Murial Knight walked seven miles a day, lugging mailbags and heavy parcels to over 500 addresses. She loved her job, but hefty bundles caused a weight of problems for the post lady.

Her son, John an unemployed welder, and his wife Linda, were worried that she was becoming housebound. John's appeals for help to buy an electric scooter for his mother were being turned down.

Though money was tight, John and Linda were prepared to contribute towards the cost and when approached, so were AFTAID.

Mrs Knight is thrilled with her scooter: "I can go around the village and visit friends and get to the shops. I'd be a prisoner without my scooter".


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